March 1, 2014

NASA uses breaking news mobile platform, Relay

Although the tools used in reporting breaking news have become staggeringly advanced, the platform in which digital media outlets display it has not been formally updated in quite awhile. Insomniac and Voice of America partnered to revamp the way journalists report breaking news with a new mobile live-blogging platform called Relay. The design involves a swipeable 'card' system intended to be intuitive for both the reader and reporter. As an open source tool, Relay is freely available for use by other media organizations and government agencies. In fact, NASA used the tool to document the launch of its Global Precipitation Monitoring system on February 27.

“Relay’s ease and speed allows journalists to concentrate more on reporting and less on the process of publishing,” said Randy Abramson, director of audio and video projects at BBG and the project lead for Relay. “Updates are submitted by email, and are intuitively organized on a user-friendly timeline.”

“With Relay, we’re able to instantly send text, video and photo updates, which can then tie into our social media sites like Twitter and YouTube,” said Ade Astuti, VOA Indonesian’s new media manager.