DECEMBER 15, 2014

Insomniac innovates to help International Organization for Migration (IOM) stay at the forefront of emergency response management in Asia and Middle East

The International Organization for Migration selected Insomniac to build and launch a number of open source web-based platforms to assist with emergency disaster management. The products, called Community Response Platforms will launch in coming months. Insomniac has been engaged to design and develop Community Response Platforms for Iraq, Ethiopia, and Philippines. Community Response Platforms will be the information management systems behind national toll-free hotlines for populations affected by the recent displacements in each country. The inter agency two-way communications center will enable the provision of information that the caller may require and also register and refer urgent needs, feedback and complaints, and provide a mechanism by which beneficiaries of humanitarian relief can convey their feedback, suggestions, and concerns about the efficacy of aid programs. The platforms will be used by a number of global organizations including World Vision, Plan International, and IOM.