August 5, 2016

Government of the Cayman Islands unveils brand new digital presence

The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI) is the largest shipping registry in the world. The Cayman Island government agency engaged with Insomniac Design to develop strategy and implementation of innovation and technology to their organization. As part of that effort, Insomniac Design redesigned and developed a new website for the organization with a focus on making e-services and online transactions available to both commercial and pleasure yacht industries. Insomniac Design undertook a year-long process with MACI to carefully redefine the user experience, communications strategy and intuitive e-services to their customers to make MACI the best-in-class ship registry worldwide. The new website offers significant improvements to content presentation and differentiation between digital offerings to Merchant and Yacht audiences. Insomniac Design will continue to work with the Cayman Islands over the next two years.