September 8, 2015

Brand USA and Insomniac kick-off technology and creative innovation projects

Brand USA, the destination marketing organization for The United States of America appointed Insomniac Design as its creative agency to undertake a complete re-haul of the public facing corporate website as well as execute the build and launch of a company-wide intranet. Brand USA has demonstrated phenomenal success and growth since its formation a few years ago. Having rapidly expanded and grown, Brand USA uses numerous software systems to support their day to day operations. Insomniac Design has been engaged to help Brand USA bring all of their systems under a single umbrella as part of the corporate website project. In addition, Brand USA envisions the launch of a branded experience for their employees through an intranet platform. With Insomniac’s experience designing public facing websites and intranet solutions for global brands, we are excited to have been given the opportunity to work with Brand USA on this initiative.