World Bank Group | Global Campaign

The World Bank Group's ThinkEQUAL campaign was a global initiative aimed at sparking a discussion on gender equality. The multi-million dollar effort included a traditional marketing campaign, highlighted with 200-foot building wraps in downtown Washington. It also had a robust digital component, including a multi-language, poll-driven website built on the Drupal platform. Our team designed and developed an accompanying website, which uses cutting-edge data visualization tools to streamline the user experience and deliver complex information with elegance. The site, which highlights the dramatic improvements in the lives of women in developing nations, continues to be a conversation starter on the subject of gender, and has received acclaim and recognition from celebrities and activists, such as Goldie Hawn and Deepak Chopra. To support the global nature of the audience we executed all communication material in four languages: Arabic, Spanish, French, and English. The campaign generated over 1.1 million likes on Facebook, 750,000 impressions on Facebook and almost 34,000 views on YouTube.